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Welcome to Mars! Enjoy the red sky and be careful not to float! This project examines what would a post-earth human civilization would look like on the Red Planet. The framework used in designing is solving current problems by using technologies that already exist today or at least are in development. The “why” of multi-planetary living is quite universal. From the scientific perspective, its necessary to solve the puzzle of genesis that has yet to be fully understood. From the technological perspective, its necessary to push novel inventions. From the philosophical perspective, its necessary to fulfill our deep instinct to explore new and unknown territories. Lastly from the most pragmatic perspective, its necessary to spread our civilization in case our beloved Earth could no longer sustain human life. But what about the “why” of this challenge? Why Mars? Why Mawrth Vallis? Why one million people? Why urbanization and not suburbanization or rural-ization of Mars? Questioning the questions, these are some of the things I asked myself continuously throughout this project.
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