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‘Sushrut X’ is a name of ancient Indian physician who is considered as a father of ‘Ayurveda’ and he also led the foundation for modern medical science. ‘Sushrut X’ also means famous, well known hence we are honoured to name our drone and justify intentions of this challenge with his name. Sushrut X is a quadrotor drone designed mainly for Medical cargo transport. We have designed completely new drone as per the requirements and frame sheet and we followed KISS formula to design. We believe it fulfills KISS formula. A detachable cargo bay is provided which will slide on wheels. Rechargeable LiPo batteries are used and are placed in front. Access panel for batteries is provide from top of fuselage. Front wing airfoil used is NAVISTAR and aft wing airfoil is ESA as they are good for low subsonic flights. Ailerons and Pelikan tail (elevator-rudder) are used to reduce complexity of actuation system. Wings are detachable for easy transport. Pelikan tail will give stability in cross wind or gusty wind. Landing gears are designed such that they can be retract and becomes a part of the each wing itself. This will reduce weight and will not disturb aerodynamics. To reduce the structural weight advance materials such as Carbon fibre is used to make spars and the parts where high shears foces will induce. Fuselage structure is mainly of High strength polymer material. Software used: CATIA V5R18 *Note: Designed elements may not look exact if fabricated. There are some elements which may be not correct in engineering point of view. It's our limitation in use of software knowledge.
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