1. INFINITO MOBILITY CONCEPTWe found this design inspiring because it affords its’ user two different riding positions: sitting position for ease of long distance mobility and standing position for socializing at eye height. And who can so no to the bright vibrant color options that add a personal customized touch.Designed by: Hoyoung Youn, Sungyub Lee & Jiyoon Han

2. CARBON BLACK WHEELCHAIRThis stylish carbon fibre wheelchair gets its’ strength and durability from how the components are put together. This design impresses through using the fewest components possible by including the frame and seat within the structure of the chair. Designed by: Andrew Slorance

3. PARAFREEThis wheelchair was designed for the active user, the frames structure encourages the user to build core and back muscles and increase balance. This structure in effect creates a more upright sitting position for the user, reducing damage done to the body and spine.Designed by: Felix Lange

4. FREE4 What we found interesting about this concept is that it’s made to transform into 2 distinct modes. “Everyday mode” is a sleek design with a higher seat, designed for use on an average commute route. In “Leisure mode” the front casters swing to the back of the chair and come together. This lowers the seat and allows ease of use on more difficult terrain.Read more about this design here.

5. GO

We found this concept to be inspiring due to the careful design that is mimics the physical functions of a human. It takes into account the users body shape, weight, and disability to reduce injury and alternatively increase comfort, flexibility, and support. In addition to the tangible product, there is an accompanying app that helps the user customize their device during the production process. Design by Layerlab

We hope you take this inspiration with you as you review your entry. Where you feel the need please don't hesitate to reach out to staff and co-pilots for advice and feel free to take a look at the other submissions and supply feedback to other entries to help them improve! See all entries here >>

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