• How feasible does my concept need to be?

    • This is a design challenge so we are not expecting calculated measurements but we do expect you to shoot for as feasible as possible. We have provided the specifications and dimensions on which to base your entry, so this should help in guiding you to a feasible and realistic design.

  • Do I need to take materials into consideration?

    • Identifying and including the materials is not a requirement of this challenge (it is an optional deliverable). However, thinking through materials can often help give more definition and clarity to your design.

  • Can I deviate from the provided dimensions and specifications?

    • You MUST use the Olli size and dimensions specified in the requirements and provided in the ignition kit. The exterior and interior design is where you can flex your creative muscles (for example, your design can extend beyond the LxWxH dimensions of the given Olli chassis, as long as it does not interfere with the mounting brackets for the sensors for the autonomy kit).