• How feasible does my concept need to be?

      • This is a concept challenge and we want you to be creative! We ask that you stay in the realm of reality but feel free to think outside of the box.

    • Do I need to take materials into consideration?

      • Identifying and including the materials will not be a requirement of this challenge but in designing your concept thinking through materials can often help give more definition and clarity to your design. We encourage you to think through alternative renewable materials that would work for the proposed scenario: islands. What materials could be used to combat some of the current issues that island car owners deal with such as rust or corrosion.

    • What kinds of files do I need to turn in?

      • Annotated imagery (JPEG or PNG of at least 1920x1080) in isometric and third-angle (top, side, and plan) of your concept as well as a description of your solution.

    • Do we have to focus solely on Island EVs?

    • Does it have to be an NEV?

      • Typical regulations on NEVs within the US state that they can go no faster than 25mph, since we are looking at all Archipelago islands and not just the US we are not requiring you to follow NEV guidelines. We do recommend taking a look at some of the current regulations for context and additional information but you are not bound by what is included within them. Don’t forgot thought that within the challenge requirements we do ask that your vehicle concept stick to a high of 35mph.