Challenge for the AV Tipping Point Project

Challenge: Human-AV Connect

Brief for Human-AV Connect


We are asking you to design UI/UX mockups focused on how riders on a university campus would interact with Olli 2.0.

The tipping point for adoption of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) is trust and consistently delivering a better experience than conventional transportation options. We are asking for you to explore how we can build trust with riders by helping them understand Olli 2.0’s decisions. How can we design different user interfaces to allow people to understand and trust Olli’s decisions and driving?


In Human-AV Connect, we are asking Solvers to imagine a world where Olli 2.0 is operating fully autonomously, without the aid of an onboard steward. In this world, regulation is more favorable for AV adoption, but many people have not yet had personal experiences with an AV. 

We want to know how we can build understanding and trust between university students and Olli 2.0 during their first ride on a university campus.

In human-to-human interactions, subtle, visual cues help create common awareness and understanding.  For example, there is now research to suggest that blinking patterns contain cues about a person’s attentiveness and what type of cognitive task they are focused on. Without a similar “shared language” (visual, auditory, or sensory), humans and AVs will not have the ability to trust each other. In this new world of Human-AV Connect, we will have to construct these visual models of shared understanding and trust.

In Human-AV Connect, you will develop ways to create understanding and trust using information displays on the interior and exterior of Olli.  How should Olli let riders know things are under control or convey danger? Should the riders see what Olli “sees”? Should they see a fused rendering of sensor data? Or something else entirely?  We challenge you to develop information displays that are as intuitive as human faces--understood across languages, cultures, ages, and ability levels.

Go check out the requirements for additional information.


Overall Best Entry
This award will be presented to the overall best entry according to the judging criteria.
Most Creative
This award will be presented to the entry seen as most creative by our judges.
Most User Friendly
This award will be presented to the entry seen as most user friendly by our judges.
Best Story
This award will be presented to the entry seen as portraying the best story by our judges.

Requirements for Human-AV Connect

Ignition Kit File Downloads


For this challenge, we are asking you to focus on the developing at least one UX storyboard and 3 UI wireframes for Olli 2.0’s display panels. An illustration of the panels and requirements are below:

  • You must create wireframe call-outs and notes

  • Provide us with your interaction and pathway suggestions

  • The UI should be intuitive. Keep in mind that we are looking for this to be used in the context of a busy university campus

  • The Olli 2.0 Technical Specs provide dimensions of the information displays, resolution, etc.

Olli 2.0 UI Technical Specifications:
  • Olli 2.0 Sensor List

    • Solid state and spinning LiDARs with 360 deg. field of view

    • Cameras with 360 deg. field of view

    • Ultrasonic sensors for close proximity sensors

    • GPS

  • Information Display Data Sheet

    • The displays are oriented in portrait inside and outside the vehicle


Our expert judges will be reviewing your entry for the following criteria:

  • USER-FRIENDLINESS: how easy will it be for Olli riders to understand your design?

  • CREATIVITY: is your design creative in how it builds understanding and trust with riders?

  • FEASIBILITY: how feasible is your design?  Could your design actually be coded?

  • OVERALL PRESENTATION: is your idea clearly explained and easy to understand? Do your visuals help supplement your design description?


Entries must be in English and must contain the following elements:

  • UX Storyboard for a College/University Campus

    • UX Storyboards should clearly communicate how the 3 display panels and riders interact

  • UI Wireframes need to include the following:

    • Interior Trust Panel UI wireframe

    • Interior Route Information Panel UI wireframe

    • Exterior Route Information Panel UI wireframe

    • Any additional documentation (if applicable to your proposal)

  • All storyboards and wireframes must be in pdf or png format

  • Gifs are optional but must be accompanied by static png’s to be evaluated

Challenge Terms and Conditions

Entry list for Human-AV Connect

Challenge Discussion for Human-AV Connect