LA 2060: World Athletic Games

Welcome to LA 2060, home to the first World Athletic Games. In the year 2060, the current version of today's global sporting competition will be more than 160 years old. And while the spectacle has grown bigger since the first Athens games, we have found that as the human race evolves and technology becomes ever-more present in our daily lives, there is a growing need to reset and reform the event itself including how the games are held and how holding the games impacts host cities. So we look to LA in the year 2060 as the time and the place to retired an old, outdated model and introduce a new, more inclusive one that more accurately reflects the needs and desires of humanity at large. The World Olympic Games is a complete reset and reimagining of nearly every aspect of the event, from the games to the athletes and even the world records. We will design the World Athletic Games to be a more open and democratic event. Together, we'll explore the boundaries of such an occasion through questions like: how could the World Athletic Games be more sustainable and accessible for all? How will technology impact the event from an athlete’s perspective? From a spectator’s? From a host city’s? How can the games actually improve the transportation and mobility capability of a host city? The answers to these questions will allow us to co-create what the games will look like, set in LA in the year 2060. Together, we will design the World Athletic Games of the future, today.

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