We are pleased to announce the winners of our Future of Mobility Concept Challenge. We want to give a huge thanks and congratulations to everyone that made this challenge a success. We also wanted to give everyone a chance to hear some of the feedback from the judges, they were impressed by the depth and fidelity of the concepts   and narratives. Without further ado, here are the winners:

FIRST PLACE: Bloom by @OrbitlaneThe author of this entry provides a lengthy description and narrative explaining their concept. They have touched on and incorporated key signals identified in the future of mobility, such as P2P style city energy sharing. What impressed us the most about this vehicle was the inclusivity and community focus of this concept.

SECOND PLACE: PRISTINE : FUTURE OF MOBILITY by @rishavkumar444This entry touches on more than transportation and provides us with a mobility device, as well as offers infrastructure solutions. This futuristic solution proposes to solve congested spaces and parking, loss of public space and long commutes.

THIRD PLACE: Google Community Vehicle by rajsredefiningThis entry utilizes futuristic concepts and robust design to tackle a real-world mobility problem. The case studies and persona presented in the submission make for a rich and altruistic narrative. This submission was unlike any other we received. 

INNOVATION AWARD: Allicare: Medical Devices by oliverargueta1 This specific entry, while it is not immediately tied to what we would traditionally think of as mobility, speaks to a future of human mobility. The designed device speaks to the aging population, allowing them to be more mobile and independent for longer without the concern of an accident or emergency. 

NARRATIVE AWARD: Audric- Driving experience for the Paralyzed by rajsredefiningA solution that can be used by all people but is made specifically with those who are paralyzed in mind. Its' focus on inclusive design and independence made this a clear choice.

VIDEO BONUS AWARD: FLEX by luluMany emerging technologies are utilized within this device but the most impressive piece of this entry is the infrastructure of last-mile mobility options that are available as add-ons to Flex.

The narrative provided gives an interesting tale of how a Flex would be used in everyday life.


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