visibility_off The Winners of the Air Force Cargo Transporter Challenge are...

Congratulations! You’ve reached the finish line of the Air Force Cargo Transporter Challenge. You’ve all put a tremendous amount of hard work and collaboration into this project. We know this challenge had a short timeline, so we want to express our gratitude and let you know how impressed we were at the quality of your entries.

Without further ado, we present to you the winners of the Air Force Cargo Transporter Challenge....

1st Place & Judges Favorite | Adaptability: ROVER MX-001

By Huynh_ngoc_lan600

The Rover MX-001 uses configurable modular components and a versatile operating system in a vehicle that can be customized to the many needs of Air Force Mechanics. A synthetic resin and aluminum alloy body addresses the need for a lightweight solution. Mechanics are able to access tools and technical supplies from inside the vehicle; mechanics can also use the handheld data management system to access supplies from outside the vehicle.

2nd Place & Judges Favorite | Usability: Olli Bellota. Maintenance and support vehicle

By eddie_mauro

Olli Bellota combines solar panels, Olli and an information tool app to create a flexible and organized cargo transporter. The app allows mechanics to receive information on tool needs, locate them within the Bellota using the code based system, and deliver them to. Accessories like large ceilings , solar panels and roller doors makes this transport system a clean and easy to use resource for the Air Force.


3rd Place: Autonomous Vehicle Maintenance (AMV) FLEX

By Cristian_F

The AMV Flex uses AI to manage both a fixed and flexible storage system that can accommodate standard tools as well as less often used variable tools and equipment in an organized fashion. The AMV Flex hits all the needs of Air Force mechanics by providing a controlled work space within the interior of the vehicle as well as seating and the ability to manually control the vehicle through a digital interface.

Judges Favorite | Future Forward: Scorpion A1

By Huynh_ngoc_lan600

The Scorpion A1 is built on a versatile base of a fully autonomous vehicle which can be connected together or can operate independently depending on the needs of the job. The Scorpion pairs with a number of ancillary equipment to customize it for the job at hand. Tools can be transported in a number of different ways and accessories such as a rear mounted forklift and hydraulic lift assist the mechanics in the getting the job done.



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