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The Urban Core is hailed as a place of promise and opportunity. It is a city where citizens, governments, and businesses collide to create new solutions and ideas. This progress drives our collective evolution, so we must work together to create the shared meaning of urbanism. The Urban Core projects are a series of projects unlike any we have run at Launch Forth. Through these projects, we will explore the edges of urbanism as we seek to understand and solve for the collective opportunity that exists in cities. We invite you, the Launch Forth Solvers, to participate in defining the future of urban mobility needs. Together, we will delve into the daily mobility-related hardships faced by people living in cities of the future. We challenge you to build empathy and understanding as you seek to define what humans need as they navigate this urban future. Through subject matter experts interviews and secondary research we ask you to compile a Point of View of what the future of the Urban Core will look like.

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