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Brainstorm: #AccessibleOlli - Olli for All Needs

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We are making your friendly neighborhood self-driving "Olli" shuttle even friendlier by ensuring that it accommodates the needs of ALL riders -- regardless of abilities. In the brainstorm, we want to explore the needs of all rides by asking for ideas on how we might create a truly #AccessibleOlli. With no driver to assist, there are some unique challenges that arise as well as some exciting opportunities.

Here are some questions to get your ideas flowing.

What are the different needs that disabled riders will have on a self-driving vehicle?
What are the ways that riders of all abilities could interact with a self-driving shuttle?
What should the Olli ride feel like?
Should #AccessibleOlli be available 24 hours a day, 7-days a week?
How far should #Accessible Olli go?

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