“It’s about the process, not the product.”

The Strati comes to life in 3 phases...

  1. The Print Phase is also the “additive manufacturing” phase and takes about 44 hours for the car to be printed in one piece.
  2. The Refine phase uses “subtractive manufacturing” or milling. It takes about a day to mill the vehicle to tolerance.
  3. The Finish Phase uses “rapid assembly” to add the vehicle component in order to complete the vehicle. This final phase takes less than a day from start to finish.

Some Statistics:

Who designed it? Michele Anoé (a community member) who won the design challenge
When can I buy a 3D-printed car? Right now.
How much does the car weigh? 1,800 pounds
How much was actually printed? 1,100 pounds
How long does it take to print? Aprox. 44 hours
What is the car made out of? Carbon fiber reinforced ABS plastic
Where does the material come from? We source from a variety of companies like SABIC
Is the whole thing 3D-printed? Yes, the entire structure not including the vehicle components
What exactly wasn’t printed? The electric components including: motor, battery, power train, tires, wheels etc.
Where do those parts come from? The Twizy by Renault
What does “Strati” mean? It’s Italian for “layers”
How many layers does it have? Roughly 227
How fast does it go? Roughly 40 MPH

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