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Entry: Nova Spika. Tomorrow's future, today's solutions.

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How do you do, fellow earthlings? We are the Engineering Team of Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid, Spain, formed of 3 Aerospace Engineers and a Integral Designer, that have been working in an ambitious colony concept for, from our point of view, how the future would be. We are proud to introduce you to Nova Spika, an underground colony, divised through a deep, exhaustive analysis of the Mars conditions, to supply every aspect of survivality and yet have a comfortable and nice place to live. Our concept has civil engineering, aesthetical design, interiorism, lifestyle, and architectural considerations. We also have considered several aspects we have not modelled, like vehicles and transportation, but in order to not leave the project incomplete, a fully-detailed report with these considerations has been elaborated to show the whole concept we had. Also you can find more images in the "Renders" folder. All models are in "FIles" folder. We really thanks to Aula HP, and HP Mars Home Planet initiative for this suitable opportunity of making our space colonization dreams come true, and all those who will support our project. See you, and good luck!
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