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The following is a working concept of a "U" shape drone that I successfully built and flew some years ago in a small scale out of carbon fiber. The benefit of this "U" shape drone is that it has a large center empty mass to deploy a focused area of compartments within the u-shape structure. This center mass is essentially a suitcase size that not only has one compartment but various compartments and can be easily access from the rear of the craft - or the uDRONE can be programmed to disengage the case and hover away for access. This is essentially a "think out side of the box concept" and truly one of a kind!  The first 3/4 view 3D drawing represents the newly revised uDRONE now with a 5th motor for forward flight. In addition, the wing span is now integrated as part of the vertical rotor system.  - also the wings and body are designed as a easy assemble unit of six total parts. This includes; the wing span breaking down into 4 parts, and the main center fuselage into 2 parts; front and rear. In one of the attached pictures illustrates this tear-down how the uDRONE can be disassembled or assembled into 6 various parts. The image that includes a payload that is accessed from the rear of the craft or from above. It is simply on a track system to be slid out like a drawer or raised vertically out from above.. This is a basic idea, - I would design a much more complex system with various algorithms - but to stay with in the parameters of this challenge I am keeping this simple.. In regards, to the battery cells, I am using a 2 divided power strip battery cells ( @6S 15000mAh ) which are easy accessed from below of the aircraft. With the abundance of technology and available software; the uDRONE aircraft can be equipped with smart technology to land and release a u-shape center case seen in one of the attached pictures. UDRONE could be equipped with software known as; openCV in order to locate a QRcode type image on the case - to ultimately land and engage the case with out too much human intervention.  Or the aircraft could be easily handled to disengage or engage the case from the rear of the uDRONE.  In terms of aerodynamic efficiency; since the uDRONE is a naturally a "U" shape structure flying in direction as depicted in the exhibited pictures - you can see that it will have minimal to zero drag tolerance. This uDRONE can be equipped with four ( vertical & forward flight ) propulsion motors or up to eight ( depending on weight ) as a counter-rotating coaxial configuration. The main frame is made of a three single plates of carbon fiber, and body fuselage is made out off light plastic resins and kevlar. As far as electronics - skies the limit! I admit that this U-shape aircraft is not an easy build, but it is indeed a challenge. Hence, if its  properly engineered - it will have many applications that can be applied. I should soon up-load some new rendered sketches showing the airfoil of the uDRONE from top view.  Please note, I am still waiting for the administrators to review my re-submission. Once I get feed-back from them - I will finalize this design and hope that everything goes well. Also, thank you for the opportunity and I certainly wish everyone the best of luck! I have seen some really great designs here! Great work everyone!! All the best! Luis Montenegro Ferrel  Designer of U-Drone / Pt: X000011
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