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The FrascAir Cargo Drone is based on a simple to build and operate unmanned aerial vehicle system. The design was based on a flying wing concept allowing optimum efficiency during cruise and ease of handling and transportation. The FrascAir consists of 3 main components. The components can be stacked into a shipping crate for shipping and only occupies 1.13 cubic metres. On assembly, the outer wing panels slide onto the main wing spars and are secured by single hex bolts. The drone can be easily handled by a 2 man crew. It can also be wheeled by a single operator or taxi under its own power using its main retractable undercarriage to the launch site.  FrascAir is designed around the efficient MH61 airfoil section. Analysis has shown that the design can achieve 100km range using a 5kg of payload. Six vertical lift motors provide adequate lift during ascent and descent flight phases (even if one rotor should fail). A forward flight motor will engage for cruise allowing minimal height loss during transition between vertical and horizontal flight. During hover, the FrascAir drone can couple its elevons for additional roll and pitch control during high cross wind conditions, assisting the vertical lift motors in stabilisation. A conventional fixed wing landing is also possible should the main battery become depleated during the mission. Due to its low wing loading, the FrascAir drone can achieve a slow landing with a stall speed of 61km/hr. The best known correlation between FrascAir and that in pop culture is Thunderbird 2. Thunderbird 2 had a stubby fuselage for ample cargo storage whilst utilizing its lifting body capability. Like Thunderbird 2, FrascAir's flat belly fuselage make it very stable whilst sitting on the tarmac for easy maintenance. F.A.B
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