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While out walking through the streets of National Harbor, MD for the Local Motors grand opening, a conversation between Alaric Egli, Nils Hofmann, Riley Gillman and I brought up the idea for 3D printing a long board deck using the BAAM 3d printer. The idea was sparked by us wishing we had a mode of transportation other then walking at the time. We debated on different designs that we thought would work best. This included thickness of the board, overall contour, length, width, etc. We also came up with ideas on which orientation to print the board. With previous experience with material testing of the carbon-fiber ABS that we commonly use, we decided that by printing longitudinal on its side would yield higher strength and weight capacity.  A few days went by, and Alaric was soon sending me and Riley designs that he had drawn up based upon what we had talked about. We went ahead and printed Rev one of the design. I stopped by the local skate shop and purchased some longboard trucks (bear grizzly blk), green ar summit wheels, Bronson bearings, and some mounting hardware. By the end of the day we had a functional long board and it was time for some testing which Galen was happy to help us with. The first board was a success! The carbon fiber ABS material is incredibly strong while still providing a bit of flex to itself. After riding it around for a bit we found a list of things we wanted to change to improve its performance. We relayed that information to Alaric and within minutes, the change was made and the new version was ready to be printed. This is where additive manufacturing using 3d printers is amazing. The ability to instantly change your design and then print it that same day is a real game changer. The last picture shown, is rev 2. I would really like to see this become a product that we can add to our retail stores so everyone can have the opportunity to own their own unique, functional 3d printed skateboard.  Please comment and let us all know what you think and if you have any ideas or questions of your own. Thanks!

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