visibility_off HAT Parade! Demonstration Day @ Camp Pendleton


After 10 short weeks, we celebrated arrival of the MLV prototype in the bright light of the San Diego sun at Camp Pendleton on October 25. This included a live demonstration of the swap between the Administrative/Office and Construction modules, conducted by the Marines themselves.

This prototype was built to be semi-functional, which allows for more detailed and precise feedback from early users. Hackable features inside the modules, like the shelving made from aluminum T-slots, enables a great deal of flexibility as specifications and requirements for each module are dialed in.

Then our product development team put a “cherry on top” and 3D printed a mock-up of the water container module out of their hat. The print took about 8 hours.

Below is a glimpse at the larger context of this exercise. Commissioned officers discussing the merits and future potential of the Digital Thread that held the co-creation and prototype build data (learn more about the Digital Thread and Direct-Digital Manufacturing here).

The Marines leadership were very impressed by all of the winning designs, and especially the personal stories of the designers. So we let the HAT 2.0 winner introduce himself and his design to the Marines:

As a reminder, here’s the starting motivation of this entire endeavor: 

a modified off-the-shelf vehicle to support Administrative work on-base. Although a valiant and commendable do-it-yourself effort, there are still a number of limitations in what can be be achieved or sustained in such a framework.

A couple of visual impressions on and around the demo day:


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