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Allicare is a smart duo, the bracelet and the dragonfly, they are available to keep our future in good hands, they both are capable to scan your healt and depending on your test they will keep you alive if an emergengy is on the way, check them out!! Allicare Bracelet: this smart device counts with little medicine chambers inside it, each chamber is filled with an specific medicament, at the same time the bracelet is a smart companion on your work and college because it has all the apps and same functions in the same way your smart phone does. Allicare Dragonfly: living in the future is not synonimous of security that is why the dragonfly device is ready to detect a problem, if something is wrong the dragonfly starts to fly then finds the damaged user and injects the medicament as needed, the dragonfly is over the roofs, like hospitals, schools, bus station even at home.These devices are designed thinking of you and your future, anyone can use it and everywhere, office, work, college, home even while you exercice, both devices are capable to scan your hearth and supply the needed medicine into your body. there are always an emergency but no medicine to support it, imagine to carry a aid pack always with you and at the same time a smart device with all your apps. this is the future , the way to keep the future safe. there are an infinite amount of options to apply this idea even with animals, who knows? maybe we will se in the future our dogs with a custom version of the allicare on their necks suppling medicine so our pet is healthy everytime.i hope to include everything you need so my entry is acceptable,  if you want to know more about it please read the pdf file, . exe file and the smart user guide file there you will find a little bit more of information. the image used on the bracelet screen do not belongs to me any icon presented is not from my property this image is used only for demostrative purposes and is not my intention to use as my own all rights to the respective owner Thanks for your time allianz team!!
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