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Disclaimer: I am an Airbus Employee and unable to compete in this challenge. This entry is to inspire people only. Discontinued as too much Drag and Low shape efficiencyThis is My view of a multitask civilian Drone. I called it "ECTO" for "Electric Cargo Transport Oveteer" and is a funny reference to the "Ghostbusters" movie... It is 3D Printed, It is Electric, Solar, Piezzo powered meaning it is using anything around it to save its autonomy. It is Amphibious so it can land everywhere. If it can't land, it will be able to drop the Load using a special POD using a parachute. It is weatherproof so it can be launched on light rain. It is safe and cannot harm people while approaching, landing, delivering it's package. It is my view of what could be a handy civilian drone. Good luck to everyone.
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