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America 2030 American have always pushed their limits and try to achieve the impossible. In the year 2030 they still want to be the ones who wants to make a difference to the world. It’s a bright sunny day and Sam is sitting on his wheel chair by his house window looking at the bright blue sky. There is a bit of smile on his face. Wonder why? Is it the beautiful day or is it a memory? Sam is think about the good old days when he was a young cap running around playing with his friends and actively participating in many sports and being the stud between the girls. He used to love cars and used love driving them even more. It was like the first control he had over anything. He could feel the adrenaline rush, feel the speed the power of the car and all this under his control. He could go where ever he wants. A tear rolls down his cheeks, today he is old and confined to his wheel chair. Although he has an electric wheel chair, can also take the autonomous bus to some places. But he misses the freedom to go anywhere. Suddenly there is AI voice asking the permission to open the door. He looks up on his holographic screen on his wheelchair. It’s his son. He has got his dad a present. They step outside and his sun unveils it. It’s a beautiful big long futuristic car. For a second there was a spark in his eye, but the next moment he was sad. But his comes and tells him “Dad this is not an ordinary autonomous car. You can drive this.” Sam has a confused look, his son further explains, “this car is an autonomous car but you can teach car you actions and eventually over stages, the car will slowly pass the control over to you.” Sam is so delighted and has never been so happy since his accident. He quickly wants to take the car for a ride. Same first familiarises with the cars AI. And the AI will instruct and guide Sam step by step to how the car learn from Sam the control inputs. Day one Sam enjoys the ride in the autonomous drive. He is happy that it’s not only wheelchair accessible but attaches his wheelchair to the car as a control unit. Over the coming days and months Sam and the car understands each other. They learn each other moves and over different stages the car is slowly giving the controls to Sam. Sam is already controlling all the car interior functions through brain machine interface. In a couple of day the car complete control will be passed on to Sam. Sam is already excited. Its 7 months since when Sam has been busy teaching and learning to drive the car. He passed all the levels and taught all his motions and brain signals to the car. Today he gets up early and its super excited to drive manually for the first time in decades. He get to the car. The car AI greets him, “Good morning Sam you are up early, and you look excited to drive the car completely manually today. Come on in.” Sam, decides to take it to the race track and called his friends to the race track to celebrate the moment and make some personal fun laps around the circuit. He decides to have a fun challenge and races with his friends. Suddenly his old rival arrives and challenges him for a mile race challenge. Sam hasn’t never prepared for a fast drive. But he still accepts the challenge with a worry. They line up, both drives an electric car. The race starts Sam is lagging behind but one fourth of the track, the car unleashes the track day mode and suddenly speeds up and defeats his rival. And with that Sam feels that he has relived his good days and feels complete now. He can travel with smile like any other people when ever he wants and the stylish wheel chair is something he proudly flaunts like a style icon, and it also serves him as a end mile solution unlike other people. Now lives his days with a smile.
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