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Slap on wheels to drive off. Strap on wings to fly off. Have you ever, while stuck in traffic, looked upwards and thought: now there's enough space to get me where I need to be? That's ONE. TWO. Have you ever speculated: if my electric car would not weigh 20-30 times as much as I do, it could do with a much lighter battery pack? Range would be better too.  Since ONE and TWO are pretty much related, there's an interesting window of opportunity to act upon them simultaneously.  Today's buzz words are: the internet of things, ecosystems and connectivity. In other words, the trend to link everything and everyone - some mind-numbing, other make more sense.  Interestingly, personal mobility hasn't quite caught up yet. Transport  modes (mainly passenger cars) are still being operated as 'standalone systems' no different than when the car was introduced more than a century ago.  With autonomous technology, THE opportunity is to link 2D (road) and 3D (aerial transit) - make going from A to B seamless.  Now look at the infrastructure - often overlooked or even ignored by the industry. Think of our roads in terms of bandwidth, or cars clogging up arteries. It is hugely expensive to expand infrastructure, and a lot of times even impossible. So, why not look for ways to utilize existing 'road bandwidth' more efficiently, for ways to 'declog' arteries and improve throughput?  Time to put the car on a diet, make it sleeker and lose weight. With ever-increasing mobility (and the number  of occupants per car dropping!), it will be a matter of time before city governments start differentiating according to vehicle footprint in determining inner city access, road pricing and parking policies. Governments of course already do according to vehicle weight, fuel consumption and emissions.  Then again, people don't particularly like 'small cars' - cars that are derived from something bigger (have more 'road  presence'). So, don't come up with yet another 'small car'! Bring something else, a vehicle in which you have the extra option to actually escape traffic Look at the sleek (semi) three-wheeler... Imagine yourself ‘taking off’ in this. It will bring you to your destination more time-, energy-, cost- and space-efficient than you're used to.  Click on picture to start presentation.  Safety always comes first! What sponsor Allianz may like, is that the eVTOL Modular Flying Car addresses safety in a number of ways, ALL of them completely new!  1. How to layout a sleek, lightweight vehicle and have car-like crash impact safety + great visibility (already brought to the attn. of the NHTSA), plus why it is better to position the driver on 'the other side'; 2. Pro-active safety towards vulnerable road users (in crowded cities) in case the vehicle is driven autonomously; the bigger the car, the bigger the car's blind spot, the right side; here is an interesting comparison; 3. Safety perception (passengers feeling safe) once the vehicle is airborne; they're being clamped in, no eerie feeling of sitting in a vehicle that's dangling from the roof; 4. No passengers crisscrossing over (eVTOL) landing and (car) parking decks; they remain seated during the duration of going from A to B; 5. Safe boarding and exiting of the vehicle, plus driving away from standstill position. Click for visualization. Ralph Panhuyzen, sevehicle@gmail.com NB: this is all IP reg. and peer-respected design and think work. Obviously there's much more to it. But I settle for what's being presented so far.
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