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Overview for RES-Q

RES-Q stands for (First) Responders' Emergency Service-Quadcopter. A UAV that is capable of landing in both smooth and rugged terrain, particularly in water in order to reach areas that have experienced heavy flooding, or when the only landing point is covered by a small pool of water. The main inspiration particularly the wing configuration  vis-a-vis its orientation to the fuselage (minus the canard)  is the Velocity XL aircraft. The fuselage which allows the aircraft to land and float on water is based on the Icon A5. The wing has a flat bottom aerofoil. The cargo can be easily accessed at the middle of the fuselage with a hatch that opens up like the hood of a car trunk.  To allow the aircraft to land on water and be grounded there until the payload has been retrieved, the bottom cargo bay hatch will be lined with waterproof gasket. An added feature of this UAV are the USB ports that can be found within the cargo bay, when the trunk is opened. This is attached to the drone's battery and can be used by first responders as well as survivors to charge their cellphones and allow them to get urgent messages across. A mix of materials will be used for this aircraft. The fuselage will be made in one piece with fiberglass fiber glass to ensure it is water tight when comes in contact with water. carbon fiber for the wings and propeller blades and aluminum for the internal frame structure. The rear landing gear located beneath the winglets is fixed and is made of stainless steel for strength as well as protect it from rust as it may be continually submerged  in water. The front landing gear is connected to the front end of the fuselage and the rotor guards. Both landing gears form a "V," with a thickness of 5mm. With this slim profile, it will allow RES-Q to anchor itself on any soft of loose surface it lands on. To ensure the safety of everyone, the front propellers and the pusher rotor are all enclosed by guards while the rear horizontal props are contained within the wings.  The camera system is located at the front end of the fuselage encased in airtight / waterproof acrylic dome. The camera must be able to rotate 360 degrees and swing front and downward motion. Upon disassembly, RES-Q can be shipped / transported via a small trailer with a compartment for its wings, and another small container that will house its smaller parts. With the light weight materials, and a proposed "no tool required" assembly, it can certainly be handled by any two persons anywhere.  To prevent catastrophic failure, a flight termination chute and launcher will be installed and deployed if necessary. 
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