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The SkyTruck is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), built to the requirements laid down in the Airbus-Local Motors Cargo drone challenge. The vehicle has two operating modes: - VTOL mode, powered by two tandem vertical lift propellers and two smaller side-by-side vertical lift propellers - Cruise mode, powered by two wing mounted pusher propellers and a high aspect ratio wing with vertical stabilizers at the wing tips The vehicle may be considered to be a flying wing, except for the augmentations made to incorporate VTOL capability. General Design Inspiration and Details A survey was done to investigate if an existing, commercially available UAV platform meets or exceeds the requirements laid down in this challenge. Two platforms - the Boeing Scaneagle TM and the BAE systems Silver Fox TM were found to meet most of the requirements. However, these systems are not capable of vertical takeoff and landing, a major operational requirement. It was thus inferred that a good vehicle for this challenge might be designed by adding a VTOL capability to a fixed wing aircraft that is similar in performance and/or configuration to the above mentioned existing platforms. SkyTruck uses a high aspect ratio, swept and tapered wing. This is done to ensure a high L/D ratio for efficient cruising. In order to add vertical takeoff and landing capability, two large vertical lift tandem propellers were used. During hover, pitch balance is achieved by differential thrust on these tandem propellers. Roll balance is provided by differential thrust on two small side-by-side propellers that also contribute to about 20% of the total vertical lift. Yaw is achieved by differential thrust on the pusher propellers.  During cruise, roll and pitch are achieved with ailerons at the wing tips and yaw is achieved with rudders. The rationale behind the use of large tandem propellers and two smaller propellers instead of four equally sized propellers is that with a larger propeller, lower disk loading can be achieved, which results in a better figure of merit.  An important note on Aerodynamics: A reflexed airfoil has been used, which has a position Cm. The vehicle C.G. is located ahead (ahead is towards the nose of the aircraft) of the neutral point. Also, it is worth mentioning that in forward flight, the vertical lift will align themselves in such a way that the blade lengths are parallel to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle (which is also the direction of forward flight) -Thus posing a lesser frontal cross section and reducing drag. Some design considerations are mentioned hereafter. Modularity is achieved by the following: - Detachable wings and pylons - Removable Propellers that can easily be replaced - Off the shelf battery, that can be removed and replaced from an access bay located beside the payload access bay, underneath the fuselage. - Standard sized payload box  Water proofing is ensured by theuse of proper seals that can be attached with cyanoacrylate, latex glue or neoprene. Payload access bay lid and battery access bay lid both have seals attached at the circumference to prevent water gushing in. In the detailed design phase, seals can be designed for all openings. Only the best off the shelf electric motors and batteries, manufactured by reputed suppliers will be selected for the aircraft. Detailed testing will be done for reliability for such equipment, from competing suppliers, before selection. In case of an unfortunate, catastrophic failure, the aircraft is equipped with a parachute given in the equipment list, which would ensure a safe descent rate. If deemed necessary, an electronic braking system similar to the shall be incorporated to stop the propellers a much shorter time.
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