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AVATAR by Vasilatos Ianis

Whether you're lucky enough to own a vacation site home or are traveling to a vacation place with beaches and clifs, on an island the right car can mean the difference between good and bad experience. Islands are geological formations, piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water with varios types of landscape, rocky with clifs, beaches and gren fields with flat or steap formation.  An vacation-friendly transportation sistem will allow the user for mobility on a relatily closed area where the driving condition can change easaly from normal road condition driving to a beach sliding driving to mountain roads.  On choosing the vehicles type suited for all condition mentioned above the best features from many cars showed a hybrid design seemed to be the best solution. A tall car for a better in and out, ingress and egress, of the vehicle, the driving stance for a good visibility of the road, high ground cleerence for bumpy roads also the posibility to use the high elevated roof as pinnacle for many situations or for trnasportation of goods used for adventures like scuba gear, surfing gear, hiking or any beach activities gears. Because of global warming many island leader do not allow anymore cars with internal combustion engine so that electrical drive is a best option for the drive train. The boxy shape of AVATAR allow for a various number of taskes and from day trips to extended family vacations, cross-country road trips or fun beach parties, avatar is up to the job.

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