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MARS M.U.V. For the design of the MARS M.U.V my main idea was to make it multi purpose, easily adaptable and aesthetically clean. The reason for making it multi purpose as its name suggests was that the colony, Mars Valley, is going to evolve on its own, and so, Vehicles should be prepared for it as well. When the colony is making its first steps, there will be no infrastructure at all so the vehicle needs to be fully capable on its own to move around and explore martian land.  But  if the intention of the colony is to expand to up to 1.000.000 people, then some infrastructure (Hyperloop kind of rails on the ground or above) will be needed in order to move from A to B in fast and efficient way. This would be really important if there are different base camps far from each other or resources, so the M.U.V could use that infrastructure to move people or cargo fast and efficiently through long distances. But not all is about long distances, right? That is why the M.U.V without any changes on it can be used to drive freely through the rough martian soil, and link to the infrastructure when needed, a vehicles that can follow the evolution of the colony! About the vehicle: As it can be seen on the images, the M.U.V is rover with a clean design in and out that reminds of the Western carriages on cowboy films with its big wheels. This wheels have a clear purpose, to make it able to overcome any obstacle on martian surface, as the wheel is bigger, it can climb bigger rocks and obstacles, but also make the drive smoother onboard. For the steering, it uses four wheel steering, for high maneuverability and avoiding getting stuck on martian soil. The tyres are composed of 26 individual parts, which makes it really easy to change by a single person, but also makes it safe to drive even if some of them are damaged.  Another important feature is the smart adaptable suspension, which can reach to a maximum ground clearance of around 1300mm. It can balance itself automatically to reduce vibrations or tilting of the vehicle. As part of its adaptability, it is possible to connect many cars to each other from the front/rear windshield and move freely from one to the other. Perfect for multi vehicle expeditions or train-like public transport through the infrastructure. And for more and better explanation, watch the gallery attached! Thanks for your attention!
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