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Overview for Living Habitats From Hostile Wastes

This is an entry for the Mars Home Planet Mars Valley Urbanisation infrastructure concept challenge In this entry, I visualize and describe a process that utilizes in-situ resources in Mawrth Vallis to enable rocket travel to Earth while simultaneously supporting  1 million humans on Mars. To obtain a real-life picture of how this can be implemented, I created a reaction train using Martian air and water as a source of raw materials.  The technologies to drive this reaction train are based on current research and in selecting which ones to include, I weighed their potential utility on Mawrth Vallis against their real-life requirements. Based on the constructed reaction train, I set an initial goal to calculate its material and electrical energy requirements to produce enough propellant (LNG and LOx) to refill a single rocket while simultaneously creating a viable living habitat for the first wave of colonists. Finally, I scaled the reaction train to determine what it needs to support 1 million humans and the result that has on the production of propellant for rocket travel. 
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